An article in last Friday’s New York Timeshighlighted the work done by Julian Radcliffe and his London-based Art Loss Register. Radcliffe and his team boast over 350,000 entries in their international database of lost and stolen art, the most comprehensive of its kind. The information it contains has helped to crack mysteries of missing art, including the most recent discovery of Matisse’s “Le Jardin,” which was stolen from Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art in 1987 and recovered earlier this year thanks to information provided by the Art Loss Register.

Critics say that Radcliffe’s tactics are less than savory and even border on obstruction of justice, as he charges fees for access to his information. There are multiple claims that he has contacted potential clients, informing them he has information that could lead to the recovery of their stolen artwork . However, they can only access that information if they can afford to pay his fees, which has not always been the case. Radcliffe, on the other hand, says he is just trying to keep the Art Loss Register in business, and that charging fees for access to information meticulously collected and organized is not uncommon in our electronic information world.

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