face-wine     “Wine is bottled poetry.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Wine is a delight that has been enjoyed throughout the world since ancient times. From the soil, to the vines, to the barrels and bottles, it is carefully crafted and prepared. Wine makers toil for the love of their product, and there is nothing better for them than to see consumers and collectors enjoy it as much as they do.

For serious collectors, the task of protecting their bottled treasures is an important one. Correct storage, including proper racks or crates and exact temperature, is vital. Maintaining inventory records is important too, so that aged wines can be enjoyed at the right moment and don’t spoil. In addition, obtaining wine collectors insurance is another component to a successful protection strategy. Wine insurance covers damages such as theft, breakage and loss of label. Catastrophic coverages, such as earthquake and flood, are also available.

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