We have created this portion of our website to assist you in easily putting together an application, focusing on assessing your winery’s particular risk management profile, exposures and insurance requirements.

After assisting you in filling out the requisite application(s) for coverage, we carefully take into consideration your specific requirements and survey insurance markets for the most appropriate coverage and premiums—placing coverage with selected A+ and A rated insurance underwriters. We are here to answer your questions and to make sure you are satisfied that your risks are properly and adequately managed at all times.

In the event of a claim, our trained specialists work to quickly and discretely assist you in filing and processing the appropriate paperwork.

Application Process

The process, which takes approximately a week to complete, is as follows:

  1. Submit your Fine Wine Collectors Application by email to submissions@faceins.com or by fax at (866) 400-4793.
  2. One of our licensed insurance experts reviews your application(s) and gathers any additional required information from you. This may include a visit to your winery to meet you and better be able to assist you with your application process.
  3. We submit your application(s) to A+ and A rated insurance companies to get competitive quotes to be able to present you with an excellent total insurance package.
  4. We present you with the best offer(s) and let you know what your options are in terms of coverage and corresponding rates.
  5. You decide which offer to accept and authorize us to bind your insurance coverage.
  6. We authorize the insurance underwriter to bind coverage and issue you issue you temporary documentation (a binder) showing proof of coverage.
  7. Either the insurance company or FACE invoices you for the insurance premium payment. Payment plans are available. Payment within 10 days of receipt of the invoice ensures coverage, which begins the date that you request us to bind coverage with the insurance company.
  8. Each year when your insurance policy comes up for renewal, we survey the market again and ensure that we get the most competitive insurance package and rate at that time.