How Sports Memorabilia Can be Damaged

When you have accumulated an impressive collection of sports memorabilia, including valuable sports cards, your first priority is to ensure that it is preserved in pristine condition. This allows you to maintain the allure and appeal of a well-kept display of valuable sports collectibles. It also helps you ensure that the monetary value of the sports memorabilia you have acquired does not diminish over time. 

Sports memorabilia, as a general rule, appreciates in value the older it gets. Thus, it is critical to keep maintaining your collection in pristine condition so that this appreciation in value is not mitigated by wear and tear, damage, or any other detriment that reduces the quality and condition of your sports memorabilia. 

In the event your memorabilia is damaged, you want the right insurance policy in place to protect your investment. 

Important Types of Threats To Preserving Memorabilia

When you have an autographed picture or sporting equipment like a signed baseball, it is important to make sure such signatures are preserved, as they are quintessential in giving the memorabilia the value it holds. For example, autographed photographs of players can become yellow or discolored, or the signature might fade. 

You should ensure to keep any signed photographs framed tightly to reduce their exposure to air and all the toxins and dust. Given that these air-borne elements can significantly impact how well your memorabilia’s quality and condition perseveres through the years, it is best to do all you can to keep such memorabilia protected and contained. Larger pieces can stay in glass cabinets for protection. 

Another major risk is water damage. No matter the memorabilia, it is important that you ensure you safeguard your sports treasure by placing it in an area where it is least likely to be subjected to damp conditions or water damage. Heat presents a further risk, so you should store your memorabilia in a dry, cool, enclosed space. 

Finally, you need to keep your collection in a locked, secured area, as there always looms the threat of theft or children unknowingly taking valuable memorabilia out, thinking it’s just a toy or something to play with. Losing memorabilia to such human error can be devastating, especially if you lack insurance.

How To Protect Your Sports Memorabilia Investment

Always take steps to make sure your memorabilia collection is properly insured. At FACE Insurance, we’ve helped collectors like you obtain insurance coverage on their sports memorabilia collections, so they can rest easy knowing their accumulated collection’s value is protected. Our clients trust they’re protected financially, regardless of whether the quality and condition of their sports memorabilia holds up or something compromises the monetary value of their collection.

Speak with a Sports Memorabilia Insurance Provider

FACE Insurance provides collectors with the peace of mind knowing that even if their collection is somehow subjected to one of the aforementioned risks, causing it to deteriorate and diminish in value, their investment will remain protected from financial loss. Contact us today about insuring your precious valuables, either online or by phone at 916.721.2845.