How to Take Care of Your Jewelry 

Every piece of jewelry has sentimental value. Some jewels are worth a lot of money, while others are associated with good memories, making it worth every effort to keep them in top shape.

As your valued piece of jewelry ages, it can gradually lose its shine and quality. For instance, sustained exposure of gemstones to dust, debris, and grime corrode the glossy nature of most jewelry.

This is why it is worth it to keep up a cleaning routine and have adequate jewelry insurance to preserve their value for many years.

Below are crucial tips for taking care of your jewelry. If you need coverage, speak with a trusted jewelry insurance provider today. 

Store Your Jewelry Pieces Separately

Jewelry can sustain damage during storage. As pieces come together or get tangled, metal varieties can become tarnished.

Typically, jewelry made of pearls, precious metals, and gemstones is more vulnerable to wear and tear.

Here’s how to solve this problem.

First, conduct an inventory of your jewelry. Then, sort the pieces into fine, costume, and silver jewelry. 

Finally, consider the following storage ideas.

  1. Transfer pearls to a wooden box with a felt lining
  2. Store fine jewelry like diamonds in a way they don’t touch each other
  3. Use separate cases for the most valuable pieces
  4. Designs a jewelry tree for necklaces and earrings

Store Jewelry When Clean and Dry

Storage keeps out harmful elements like dust, moisture, and humidity. Remember, moisture causes the metal to tarnish or degrade quickly. If you wore a metallic necklace in a storm, it’s advisable to dry it off before storage.

Here’s how to quickly clean jewelry before storage:

  1. Mix a few drops of dish detergent with lukewarm water
  2. Dip the jewelry into the solution for a few seconds
  3. Gently apply a soft-bristled brush to dislodge dirt and debris
  4. Dab the jewelry with a fluff-free cloth
  5. Use a silver polishing cloth to remove tarnish

Always Travel With a Jewelry Case

You likely want to bring your jewelry while traveling. However, it translates to a higher risk of deterioration or theft of your prized pieces. For instance, tossing your metallic jewelry in a handbag exposes it to defacing or tarnishing.

Consider a travel jewelry case for these benefits:

  1. The zip closure ensures the items are safe, secure, and separated.
  2. Promotes organization which means you can carry enough jewelry for the journey
  3. It prevents necklaces from tangling

Common Jewelry Care Mistakes

  1. Avoid Applying Lotion With Jewelry: The occasional exposure to hand or body lotion might not damage your jewelry. The danger lies with the associated cleaning that accelerates the tarnishing process. To that end, consider applying lotion at night after taking off the jewelry.
  2. Do Not Use Toothpaste: Although it's a popular home remedy, toothpaste is too aggressive for jewelry.
  3. Separate Gold from Silver Jewelry: Gold is scratched easily, so store gold items in their packaging or a soft cloth bag.

Preserve Your Valued Collection With Jewelry Insurance

Apart from environmental exposure, jewelry can be stolen, damaged by fire, floods, or vandalized. It’s therefore prudent to take up jewelry insurance that shields your jewelry from unforeseen risks. FACE Insurance has an experienced team ready to help you. Contact us today to learn more about jewelry insurance. Call: 916-721-2845