Is Your Museum Properly Caring For Its Artwork?

An art museum is a beautiful epicenter that showcases eloquence, opulence, extravagance, and history. Or at least, that’s what it should ideally be showcasing. Are you taking the proper care and keeping up the necessary upkeep to keep your art looking artful?

While a painting or sculpture may look immaculate, the reality is that artwork materials are far from immaculate. If improperly maintained, cared for, cleaned, or looked after, they can easily fall victim to wear, tear, deterioration, and damage. Moreover, if improperly secured, you could run the risk of having your art stolen, vandalized, or damaged by natural disasters.

If you’re still struggling to get by and get your art properly taken care of, then read on for a few pointers on museum art maintenance, and moreover, why you should back that maintenance up with robust, reliable, and reputable insurance for museums and art galleries from FACE Insurance.

Artwork Handling Guidelines

You should care with all art with the same care and forethought that it was created. That said, you should pay special mind to care for your paintings, as they’re delicately framed. This entails:

  1. Only handling one painting at a time
  2. Handling larger canvases with two or more people
  3. Handling them with clean hands and gloves
  4. Handling them with no jewelry or watches (these can leave scratches)
  5. Storing your paintings away from moisture, humidity, heat, or UV light
  6. Hanging and framing your paintings with tight, stable materials

To clean oil or acrylic paintings, use a white cloth soaked in water mixed with olive oil soap. Clear dust off of frames with a dry brush. For non-water-based paintings, just use a clean damp white cloth, but be careful not to stain the paper with too much water.

The same storage and handling rules (sans framing) will generally apply to sculptures as well. That said, just plain water and a washcloth will usually suffice when cleaning sculptures. But no matter what you’re handling, handle it with as much care and delicacy as you possibly can, and invest in some extra protection for good measure.

Protect Your Art With Insurance for Museums and Art Galleries

Unfortunately, sometimes even the most diligent maintenance in the world isn’t enough to preserve and protect your artwork. Thieves or vandals could bypass even the best of security efforts, and depending on your location and the increasing prescience of climate change, inclement weather could sweep in and tarnish your hard work, as well as the artists’.

That’s why it’s integral to have a contingency plan implemented in case the worst-case scenarios are no longer scenarios. One crucial contingency plan is insurance for museums and art galleries, and around Greater California, you can’t find much better options than FACE.

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  6. Watch collections

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