Preparing Your Art Collection for a Move

One of the most important moving aspects to consider if you are an art collector is how to prepare your art collection for the move. Fortunately, there are a few moving tips you can undertake to ensure your art-moving endeavors are successful. 

When you are moving, it’s easy to try and use the same moving practices for all your belongings. However, if you are a collector of art, you need to pay special attention to how you transport your artworks if you don’t want them to be damaged. In most instances, paintings, sculptures, crockery, and pottery will require careful moving preparation.

If you are curious about how you should prepare your art collection for a move, you can continue reading to find out the best tips. At FACE insurance, we know how important it is to ensure every art item you have is treated with the utmost care. That’s why we offer clients the unique service of offering to insure what is priceless. 

The Types of Art That Can be Insured

Do you know what types of art can be insured? Interestingly, nearly any type of art item can be insured depending on the insurance company you choose. Whether your art is made of wood, clay, paper, stone, or metal, you can likely get it insured. Additionally, your art collection does not have to be old or particularly expensive for you to be able to insure it. 

You can insure any type of art that holds sentimental value even if it is not estimated to cost that much. However, if you do have fine art in your collection that is invaluable or expensive, you should consider insuring it, especially if they are pieces that are impossible to replace. 

How To Prepare Your Art Collection For A Move

Once you have decided to move and are ready to consider how to move your art collection, you can follow the below tips for some guidance. If you utilize the tips, you will stand a greater chance of encountering fewer issues and have genuine peace of mind knowing that your collection will survive. 

Attain The Proper Packing Materials

The first step when preparing your art collection for a move is to attain the proper packing materials. This includes supplies and packaging. You can't use the general moving boxes and tapes when packing your art. You need to use specialized packaging materials that will ensure your art collection does not get damaged. Below we have listed some of the packing materials and supplies you will need. 

Additionally, you need to make sure you carefully pack each item by adding cardboard layers, marking glass with an X symbol, covering your artwork corners, adding layers of bubble wrap, and labeling each packaged item with a fragile sticker. 

  1. Special crates and large boxes. 
  2. Artist tape.
  3. Foam boards.
  4. Acid-free packaging paper.
  5. Glassline paper.
  6. A tape gun.
  7. Gloves.
  8. Soft tissue or filler paper. 
  9. Bubble wrap.
  10. Cardboard corners for frames.

Purchase Art Collection Insurance

If you don’t already have insurance for your art collection, you should consider obtaining art collection insurance before your move. Art insurance will specifically cover your priceless pieces if there is accidental damage, theft, or complete loss during your move. 

It’s crucial to have art collection insurance if you value your art collection. In most instances, traditional homeowners insurance and moving insurance policies don’t cover valuable items like paintings, statues, pottery, prints, mosaics, and rare manuscripts and books. 

Utilize A Reliable And Reputable Moving Company That Specializes In Moving Art

Besides obtaining the correct art moving packaging and supplies and art collection insurance, you need to hire a reputable moving company. It’s usually best to choose a moving company that has experience with or specializes in moving artworks. 

If you don’t know where to look for reputable moving companies that specialize in this service, you can contact art galleries and find out if they have any recommendations. 

Get In Touch With A Reliable Art insurance Company Today To Discuss Insuring Your Priceless Artworks

Hopefully, you now have a better knowledge base and understanding of how to prepare your art collection for a move. Moving your belongings can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you have to move priceless artworks, which is why it’s usually an excellent idea to insure your goods. At FACE, we can insure your art so that you can rest easy knowing if something were to happen to your art, it would be covered. Get in touch with us today to talk to a representative.