Properly Storing Your Jewelry

When you own expensive jewelry, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe, clean, and stored properly. Fortunately, keeping your jewelry items in tiptop shape and ensuring their safety is easy. You should also learn about jewelry insurance.

One of your most prized possessions is probably your jewelry collection, so you must give it extra care to make sure that it’s always safe and in top condition. First, make sure you have the proper insurance coverage. Further, when you’re not wearing your jewelry, you need to store it properly to prevent pieces from being tarnished or damaged. Here are some simple tips to help you out. 

Store Jewelry in Appropriate Storage Boxes 

Store your jewelry in boxes with velvety fabric lining individual compartments. The fabric lining and individual compartments will keep pieces, particularly gemstones and softer metal pieces, from chipping and scratching on the sides of the compartments. 

Consider Using Anti-Tarnish Strips

These strips are especially useful for silver jewelry. Anti-tarnish strips can help absorb air pollutants that can cause a dull film to accumulate on delicate silver jewelry. 

Make Sure to Store your Jewelry Collection in the Right Environment

Humid and damp environments can leave your valuable jewelry collection more vulnerable to discoloration and tarnishing. On the other hand, extreme temperatures, specifically heat, could discolor jewelry and also cause internal damage that, in turn, cause pearls to dry out and crack. Ideally, you should store your collection in a cool, dry environment with a stable temperature. 

Store your Jewelry Pieces in a Safe 

For extremely valuable or sentimental jewelry pieces that you don’t really wear often, store them in a safe. You can also opt to store them at a safety deposit box in your bank. 

Consider Investing in Jewelry Insurance

You can buy insurance through your renters or homeowners insurance. However, take note that these policies exclude high-value jewelry pieces, so make sure to read the terms carefully. A separate or stand alone jewelry insurance policy, however, will provide more flexibility to insure high-ticket pieces, with their worth based on professional appraisals. This is a must for people who have antique, high-value, and/or extensive jewelry collections. 

Jewelry insurance is used for protecting the exact value of your jewelry collection by providing reimbursement, replacement, or repair of their professionally appraised value. Jewelry insurance companies also provide more customizable and comprehensive coverage with higher limits and more options than the coverage that renter or homeowner policies offer.

Regardless of what kind of insurance policy you decide to go with, you will need the original receipts of the pieces (if applicable) and/or a valuation of each item from a certified jewelry appraiser. Make sure to keep the original boxes, receipts, and insurance documents separate from your jewelry pieces. In case your insured jewelry is stolen, damaged, or broken, these vital documents will help get you through the claims process faster. 

Learn How Our Experienced Jewelry Insurance Professionals Can Help

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