Do You Know The Value Of Your Sports Memorabilia Collection?

Are you a devoted fan of multiple sports teams? Did your grandfather and father collect sports memorabilia and pass it down to you? Do you want to also pass on a sports memorabilia collection to your children and grandchildren? If so, you want to consider purchasing an insurance policy that provides coverage for your sports memorabilia collection. 

FACE Insurance provides different options for policyholders who need to insure a sports memorabilia collection against damage caused by environmental disasters, fungus, and decomposition. Contact the FACE Insurance office in Roseville, and our representatives can answer any questions you have regarding our sports memorabilia insurance

Maintain An Inventory Of Your Sports Memorabilia Collection

If you want to learn about the costs of insuring your sports memorabilia collection, you need to maintain an inventory of your collection. Itemizing your collection and creating a coherent spreadsheet will help insurers understand how to analyze the contents of your sports memorabilia collection. 

You can create your own inventory system or consult a professional who will help you organize and inventory each item in your sports memorabilia collection. The costs of inventorying your collection will vary depending on the nature and extent of the items you collect. However, you can create a rudimentary inventory if you simply want an estimate of the cost of insuring your collection. 

Some sports memorabilia collections have a few items that are particularly valuable. If this is the case with your collection, then you may need to only itemize the most valuable items in your collection. However, you may want to inventory specific sections of your sports memorabilia collection so an insurer can provide you with an accurate evaluation. 

How Much Will It Cost Me To Insure My Sports Memorabilia Collection? 

Costs for sports memorabilia collection may vary depending on the nature and extent of your collection. Policies may only be applicable to dealers or collectors. You will need to determine if you are a dealer or a collector before you consult a professional about insuring your sports memorabilia collection. 

The following guidelines will provide a framework for those interested in evaluating and insuring their sports memorabilia collections. 

  1. Decide if you are primarily a collector or a dealer 
  2. Compare insurance policies 
  3. Analyze types of loss, deductibles, and exclusions
  4. Determine the terms of payment 
  5. Note any inventory requirements mandated by an insurance policy 
  6. Estimate the value of your sports memorabilia collection and remember that the higher it is valued, the more insurance coverage you will need 
  7. Maintain copies of your inventory and any certificates of authenticity 
  8. File a police report if you report a loss due to theft or burglary 

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