Natural Disasters Can Damage Wineries and Distilleries

You may have worked hard to develop your business plan and bring your dream of owning a winery or distillery to life. However, those accomplishments can be destroyed by natural disasters. wineries and distilleries are both vulnerable to damage caused by different types of natural disasters. 

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Different Types Of Loss Exposures Can Affect Owners Of Wineries And Distilleries 


You may own a winery or distillery that houses inventory off-site in a location set apart from your main business. If this is the case, then you may need an insurance policy that offers coverage for the off-site location and the shipment of inventory between the off-site location and the main business. Different insurance policies may offer various forms of coverage for your off-site premises. 

You do not want to put your business at risk by not insuring an off-site location. The financial hardship and supply chain disruptions caused by natural disasters can affect your revenue and the long-term health of your business. Owning a winery or distillery is an enormous challenge, but do not waste your hard work and investment by not insuring your off-site inventory and premises. 

Leaking Inventory 

Protecting your business is your number one priority. Tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes are all different types of natural disasters that may damage the inventory in your winery or distillery. Finished goods and raw materials may also need to be covered by an insurance policy. If you have agricultural products on your property, you will need to purchase an insurance policy containing specific provisions covering these agricultural products. 

Poorly maintained equipment, employee neglect, and flooding are just some events that may cause wine leaks. If you lose this inventory, then your profits will decline. Review your insurance policy and ensure that your inventory is insured. 

Contaminated Wine Stock 

Contaminated wine stocks can arise due to infestations, pollution, and human error. Fungus, pesticides, and arsenic are also capable of contaminating wine stocks. Insuring your inventory against damage caused by contamination offers you protection against these unpredictable forms of damage. 

Natural disasters that may damage your wine stock are not limited to weather events. Pesticides may slowly damage a vineyard in a short amount of time. Obtaining insurance for wineries and distilleries that can protect your business against this type of damage will enable you to feel more secure about your winery and/or distillery. 

Inventory Damage 

Earthquakes may eradicate an entire winery or distillery in a short amount of time. Millions of dollars worth of repairs may be required to restore your business. If you want to avoid the financial fallout caused by these events, contact FACE Insurance today to schedule a consultation during which we can discuss your insurance needs.

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