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Art, Wine, Antiques and Other Fine Collectibles.


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Fine Art & Collectibles Enterprises-FACE helps collectors of fine art, jewelry, rare sports memorabilia, wine
collections, vintage automobiles, and any other fine collectible insure what they are most
passionate about.


FACE is well situated and devoted to providing you the very best service the industry has to offer.


Obtaining what is rare, beautiful, and scarce is an adventure that few embark on but those who do, understand the sentimental value of such collections is incalculable. Still, however peace of mind and security are required to protect what we are most passionate about.


What we insure


Art Collection Insurance

Art collections are uniquely valuable, and this is exactly why your approach to insuring them must be uniquely specific. If you have an art collection, it’s time to consult with an experienced and dedicated fine art insurance professional.


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Wine Collections

If you’re a wine enthusiast with an impressive wine collection, you no doubt get immense pleasure from scoring that elusive bottle and serving exactly the right wine on exactly the right occasion. A wine collection can bring an immense amount of joy and pride, but your collections can also be immensely valuable.


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Vintage Automobile Collections

If your passion is vintage and collectible cars, growing your collection goes hand in hand with having specialized storage space that is up to the task of protecting your valuable vehicles from the elements and from the threat of theft and/or vandalism.


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Jewelry Collections

A jewelry collection is often much more than just an investment. People enjoy the rich beauty of jewelry to be sure, but each piece of jewelry in your collection likely also tells a story.


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Museum & Art Galleries

If you run a museum or art gallery, you’re likely dealing with collections of considerable value that are also vulnerable to loss. In fact, the collections in art galleries, and museums are among the most complicated to insure adequately.


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Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

Wineries, breweries, and distilleries are well-loved establishments that represent a unique kind of business enterprise. Wineries and distilleries, however, also face unique challenges when it comes to obtaining robust insurance coverage.


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Sports Memorabilia Collections

Collecting sports memorabilia is a passion that can lead to a very valuable collection, and protecting that collection is critical to your ability to enjoy it to the fullest. This is where obtaining a sports memorabilia insurance policy that’s tailored to your collection comes in.


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