Disasters Can Impact Wineries

Wineries and vineyards offer satisfaction and serenity to owners and club members. Owners devote their lives to their businesses, but no owner is immune from damage caused by natural disasters or accidents. Vintner and winery insurance can protect inventory and physical structures. 

Fine FACE Insurance can help you protect your business. You do not want to be vulnerable and leave your winery or vineyard uninsured. FACE offers risk management seminars and other educational resources. Our company can help you save money and enable you to keep your business safe.

Common Wine Businesses Covered By Our Policies 

The following are some of the most common businesses covered by our winery and distillery insurance policies: 

  1. Bottling
  2. Wine Cellaring Businesses
  3. Wine Consultants
  4. Wine Vineyards 
  5. Vintner Businesses
  6. Wine Estates
  7. Wineries 
  8. Wine Shops

You may be producing millions of cases every year or only a few hundred, but you can acquire an insurance policy that will fit your individual needs. An insurance policy may also help you meet regulatory criteria. 

The specialists at FACE Insurance can help you discover an insurance policy that fits your business needs. 

The Most Common Risks Associated With Vineyards and Wineries 

If you operate a vineyard or winery without insurance, your business may be at risk for damage to wine barrels and grapes. The most common risks associated with vineyards and wineries include the following: 

  1. Liability insurance protects you against risks connected to serving minors or individuals who are too intoxicated to be drinking alcohol. Injuries also may occur on the property you own, and this may make you liable for the injuries suffered by people on the premises. 
  2. Business interruption occurs when buildings or employees may make a workplace unsafe for employees or owners. Property or business inventory may need to be repaired or analyzed. Business interruption insurance can help you maintain your operations during unexpected occurrences. 
  3. Contaminated wine stock can arise due to smoke, fungus, pesticides, and other foreign substances. Entire stocks may be damaged during a contamination episode. 
  4. Leakage occurs when storage areas malfunction or the method of transportation is inadequate. Owners may lose money if they do not have an insurance policy to cover this type of loss. 
  5. Building and inventory damage often arise during natural events such as forest fires or earthquakes. Wineries and vineyards may need to be repaired and cease operations after a natural disaster. An insurance policy can help owners cover some costs associated with dealing with the effects of these events. 

The Benefits of Wine Insurance Programs 

The following are some benefits that accompany wine insurance programs: 

  1. Personal insurance for owner-occupied dwellings
  2. Workers compensation 
  3. Farm equipment coverage
  4. Commercial automobile coverage 
  5. Employee benefits 
  6. Equipment malfunction 
  7. Wine stock programs 
  8. Emergency action plans
  9. Crop insurance 
  10. Property damage 

Contact FACE Insurance Services Today 

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