Potential Risks for Art Collections

Art collections can be extremely valuable investments, and art appreciates in value as time passes. This means that you need to protect your art collection objects from risks such as natural disasters and theft. Fires, for example, can decimate an entire collection in minutes

At FACE insurance we can assess the value of your collection, suggest insurance policies that will protect the value of your investment in the event of natural disasters, theft, and other risks. Do not wait to learn more about the different insurance policies that can protect your art collection. 

Different Conditions And Natural Events Can Damage Your Art Collection 

Protecting your art collection requires foresight, investment, and awareness of risks. You need to understand the various risks that can potentially damage your art collection. These risks will always exist, but you can reduce the likelihood of your collection being destroyed by focusing on preventive measures. One such preventive measure is protecting your art collection from things like excessive sun exposure. 

Natural disasters pose significant risks to your art collection, yet routine events can also damage your investment. Temperature, variations in humidity, and cleaning agents can all distort and damage the items in your collection. 

Do not hang your paintings where they will be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. You should also not situate paintings or sculptures above fireplaces. Preserving your collection means that you should not expose your art objects to dangerous or hazardous conditions. 

Paintings can flake and crack if they are exposed to heat or light for extended periods. You must always be conscious of the environmental conditions affecting the items in your collection. Routine maintenance and analysis by a professional are also recommended to make sure that your collection remains free from decay. 

What If I Want To Move The Items In My Collection? 

Many art collection insurance claims arise when items are moved from one place to another. You may want to move your collection to a new home, a museum, or an auction house. If this is the case, you need to focus on protecting your art collection while it is in transit. 

Collection owners should arrange for specialized transportation by using a company with expertise shipping fine art. Specific couriers may be used to ensure the objects in your collection are transported in the proper manner. 

Also, do not leave your collection unattended because this can expose it to theft. Requiring condition reports is also important, and you can use these to document the specific details of your collection that will be beneficial to potential purchasers or investors. 

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