Protecting Your Sports Memorabilia Properly

An autograph is intriguing, once-in-a-lifetime immortalization of a legendary athlete’s handiwork. Whether it’s situated on a ball, puck, card, hat, or jersey, getting the John Hancock of a Jon Jones or another powerhouse in their respective sport is a very wonderful thing.

Unfortunately, that signature won’t be so wonderful and valuable if the paper it’s situated on ends up lost, stolen, or damaged. Read the following guide to understand how to keep your memorabilia in mint condition for as long as possible and why investing in good sports cards and memorabilia collectors insurance is a must.

How To Protect Your Sports Memorabilia

When it comes to sports memorabilia, you should adhere to the following best preservation practices:

  1. Handle your memorabilia minimally. Regardless of how old or new it is, treat it as if it’s fragile. 
  2. Store the memorabilia in an airtight container that won’t let mold or other contaminants in. 
  3. The memorabilia should ideally be stored away from most light, but especially UV light.

There’s a reason why gun owners are taught to treat every firearm as if it’s loaded, or why electricians are taught to treat every wire as if it’s live. Even if you’re 99.9% certain that the worst-case safety scenarios aren’t possible, you’ll still want to do your due diligence to remove that 0.1% margin of error.

That same logic applies to your sports memorabilia. Even if you’re not out actively cracking fly balls with your signed Louisville Slugger, you still shouldn’t treat the wood like it’s totally impervious to wear, damage, and decay. Store your memorabilia carefully, cautiously, responsibly, and diligently. 

Why Sports Memorabilia Insurance?

Unfortunately, sometimes the best due diligence we can muster isn’t always enough. Robberies, natural disasters, shipping accidents, or some other freak act of the universe could sweep in and tarnish your memorabilia as you know it, no matter how carefully you try to protect it. 

Because of these scenarios, sports cards and memorabilia collectors’ insurance may be a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re shipping it outside or storing it inside, you want your valuables protected every step of the way. Secure that value, and rest easy knowing that you can protect that value in the event that the worst-case scenario happens.

Get Insured With FACE

Did you know that the total market value of the sports memorabilia industry has been estimated to run around $5.4 billion USD per year, according to Forbes? That’s a considerable bit of value to account for and quite a bit of value that you wouldn’t want to let carelessly go to waste.

Although homeowner policies usually cover belongings to some degree, they may not offer the adequate protection that you’re after. That’s why sports cards and memorabilia collectors’ insurance is such an important resource. And here in California, you can’t find much more winning teams than the FACE Insurance.

From shipping to storage, we can secure your safekeeping every step of the way. We don’t just offer coverage for sports memorabilia, but fine art, wine, cars, jewelry, and collectibles at large. Don’t just invest in sports cards and collectibles’ insurance; invest in robust, grand-slam protection for your passions.
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